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Guilty Crown OST

guilty crown ost

guilty crown ost
guilty crown ost, guilty crown opening, guilty crown ending

My Dearest Title: Guilty Crown OP Single
My Dearest
Type OST: Anime
Artist(s): Supercell
Number of songs: 8
Release Date: 11/23/2011


01 – My Dearest
02 – 罪人
03 – 大貧民
04 – My Dearest (TV-Size)
05 – My Dearest (Instrumental)
06 – 罪人 (Instrumental)
07 – 大貧民 (Instrumental)
08 – My Dearest (TV-Size + Instrumental)

Title: Guilty Crown ED Single
Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~
Type OST: Anime
Artist: EGOIST
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 7
Release Date:    30/11/2011


01. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ (アニメ『ギルティクラウン』ED主題歌)
02. Euterpe (アニメ『ギルティクラウン』第1話挿入歌)
03. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ (TV Edit)
04. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ -BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Remix-
05. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ -Instrumental-
06. Euterpe -Instrumental-
07. Departures~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

guilty crown ost, guilty crown opening, guilty crown ending Title: Guilty Crown Original Soundtrack
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Hiruyuki Sawano
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 19
Release Date:    25/01/2012



1. βios
2. α
3. Ω
4. Ready to Go
5. friends
6. VOiD
7. gエ19
8. θεοι
9. close your eyes
10. Βασιλευζ
11. π
12. Release My Soul
13. κrOnё
14. Hill Of Sorrow
15. Αποκσλυψιζ
16. Home ~in this corner~
17. Genesi§
18. βιοζ-δ
19. Rё∀

Guilty Crowwn OP2 Single Title: Guilty Crowwn OP2 Single
The Everlasting Guilty Crown
Type OST: Anime
Artist: EGOIST
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 7
Release Date:    2012/3/7



guilty crown op2 download
01. The Everlasting Guilty Crown
02. キミソラキセキ
03. The Everlasting Guilty Crown BOOM BOOM SATELLITES remix -The Last Moment Of The Dawn-
04. The Everlasting Guilty Crown -TV Edit-
05. The Everlasting Guilty Crown ~Instrumental~
06. キミソラキセキ ~Instrumental~
07. The Everlasting Guilty Crown ~ (TV Edit) Instrumental~

Guilty Crown ED2 Signle and Black Rock Shooter ED Single Title: Guilty Crown ED2 Signle
and Black Rock Shooter ED Single
Type OST: Anime
Artist: supercell
CD’s: 1
Number of songs: 7
Release Date:07/03/2012



01 Kokuhaku
02 Bokura no Ashiato
03 Kare
04 Kokuhaku (TV Edit)
05 Kokuhaku -Instrumental-
06 Kare -Instrumental-
07 Kokuhaku (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

Crown Guilty 03 Bonus CD Limited Edition Title: Crown Guilty 03 Bonus CD Limited Edition
Type OST: Anime
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date:    2012/03/21



01.ゲストを武器にして仲良しに! (梶裕贵&中村悠一)
02.ゲストを武器にして仲良しに! (茅野爱衣&嶋村侑)
03.ゲストを武器にして仲良しに! (梶裕贵&胜杏里)
04.ゲストを武器にして仲良しに! (茅野爱衣&竹达彩奈)

Guilty Crown SPECIAL DRAMA CD Title: Guilty Crown SPECIAL DRAMA CD
Type OST: Drama CD
Artist: VA
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 1
Release Date:    May 23, 2012




GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL Undisclosed Version 02 Title: GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL Undisclosed Version 02
Type OST: Anime
Artist: VA
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date:    25/07/2012



1.GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL Undisclosed 02 Mizushima Takahiro & Yuuki Kaji
2.GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL Undisclosed 02 Kayano Ai& Endou Aya
3.GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL Undisclosed Version 02 Yuuki Kaji & Uchiyama Kouki
4.GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL Undisclosed Version 02 Kayano Ai& Kotobuki Minako

GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL Undisclosed Version 03 Title: GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL Undisclosed Version 03
Type OST: Anime
Artist:Yuki Kaji, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Ai Kayano, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Aya Endo
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date:    22/08/2012



1. Guest to buki ni shite nakayoshi ni! (Yuki Kaji&Daisuke Sakaguchi)
2. Guest to buki ni shite nakayoshi ni! (Kayano Ai&Okamoto Nobuhiko)
3. Guest to buki ni shite nakayoshi ni! (Yuki Kaji&Aya Endo)
4. Guest to buki ni shite nakayoshi ni! (Kayano Ai&Yuki Kaji)

 Guilty Crown Bonus CD 10 Title: Guilty Crown Bonus CD 10
Type OST: Anime
Artist: VA
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 3
Release Date:    24/10/2012



1. Pararel Side 「Giru☆Kura Gakuen Kikiippatsu!」
2. Pararel Side 「Konbini Ten’in Segai」 / Supercell
3. Entract Side 「I want to feel you」 / Supercell

Download all by torrent
Download all by torrent

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  1. Great animation and great music~! OMG I MUST HAVE IT ლ(¯ロ¯ლ)

  2. Oe oe this is not my dearest…..

    Jiii pls. change it

  3. Anime looks aweesome x___x I’m already planning to watch it once its done.

    Lets pray the music is as good.
    I’ll wait after I watch the anime for this ost o3o

    How did the ost come out so fast o_o”

  4. This post is full of stupidity

    At least put the right description

    The 1st song on that link is euterpe not my dearest

  5. Title fixed Boss,
    We sorry for problem Boss,
    We sorry for being stupid Boss,
    We sorry that we dont have a official single for you Boss,
    We sorry that we live Boss,

    what we should do for you Boss to get forgiveness?

  6. Is he angry??
    Ok to clarify things now I figured out what the whole order of songs and music and… blah
    The song that begins in episode one is actually just an Insert sung by Chelly. I don’t know what the song is called but that’s all I can tell you.
    Euterpe Is the the sword materialization ost by the band Egoist. which is a fictional band within the anime formed by supercell
    and lastly the song “My Dearest” will be the opening song of episode 2

    dont mind jerks just keep doing your job :D
    everyone makes some mistake
    peace out people

  7. Aw ricz, you didn’t have to be that rude ;(
    We all make mistakes now :)

    I enjoyed the songs regardless x)
    <3 Kururu for the upload~

  8.’s rude to even start complaining when u r leeching off from this thankful that there are people here posting up the download links..

  9. @Fi
    peace men and thx :)

    I will always be the enemy of people like him :)

    @all member who dont complain
    finally someone has appreciated our work

  10. Gomene for my last mistake T_T
    i jut make a small fix and i hope you will like it

  11. @Aranween
    Sorry and yeah, no prob. It’s just an eyesore to see this sort of downgrading post especially u guys just made such a small mistake on the name (but that was thanks to the confusion from the anime itself as well) and work hard to support this whole website..really can’t understand why there are idiots who don’t get this fact into their head..

  12. Do you know the name of insert song when Shu awakening?

  13. Just added a 2 Inori and Shu Songs….Azuka do yuo perhaps mean Songs 2?

  14. Does Mediafire work for you?? because I just get a HTTP 404 error whenever I click on a link related to the site :/

  15. For me its working very well, maybe you should try again later

  16. yep 1 and 2 the same song
    thanks for upload but I already riped out from
    the anime XD
    still no one know the name?

  17. where i can findthe op of the first chapter, shu are viewing the pv in youtube, well the youtube of the future, but ts the same, please helpme, i want it, but my cellphone cant ripe video.

    aalso the insert song the brocklin brigde inori song is a good ring tone.

  18. Its “Euterpe” and we have it
    the song here have wrong name “My Dearest” but its Euterpe from the first episode.

  19. Fresh update <3 our beloved songs~!

  20. now waiting for the Full version~ <3

  21. Found “My Dearest” (Full Version HQ) from another anime OST blog (credits to

    D/L link:

    Enjoy ^_^

  22. Oh, forgot to mention, “My Dearest” from the above post is sung by Koeda, not Reika cover.. :D

  23. Thax for the help and for the clarification Fi…

  24. ENGLISH Euterpe Guilty Crown (AmaLee)
    Wild flower blossoming
    I beg of you tell me this so I know too
    Why do people fight?
    They all act as if it’s right
    Don’t they know
    That’s no
    Way to live

    Valiant flower blossoming
    What can you see?
    When …you look down on me
    Why can’t people say
    That they’re sorry for the way
    That they fought
    I thought
    We once could

    When the sky has cleared
    And rains have passed
    I still won’t forget the past
    You are not alone on your own
    I remember you back then
    Trembling in front of me
    Crying deep inside silently

    When you see loved ones withering
    What do you do with your remaining time
    When your leaves can’t speak a word
    And your thoughts cannot be heard
    How do you convey your love


    When the summer’s sun is hiding and
    Winds are harsh against our backs
    Everything seems to overlap

    I’ll sing in your memory
    All the times you’ve spent with me
    We’ve lost your name but I’ll sing for you

    • Whats the ost when is inori die??
      Please tell me the title..

  25. Inori and Shu song2 by
    「βίος」vocal:小林未郁/ Mika Kobayashi

  26. confuse which one is the full one and to download it,lol and the one i search,but anywhere thanks for the song :D

  27. Arigatou Mizui <3

  28. @Kururu
    Thx For The Trans. ^_^

    which one you mean?
    the op theme
    the ed theme
    or the other versions of Euterpe ….?

    write….and we will help you get what you want… :)

  29. ohh,thank you for the help then,im searching the full openign of the first episode,do u guys had it?i mean without the background sound,like the original one,or it still not yet out? :D thnks for the help ;)

  30. OUCH !!
    Inori and Shu song2 by
    「βίος」vocal:小林未郁/ Mika Kobayashi
    I saw that 2012/1/25 that too long I gonna died on waiting
    btw. thanks 水井 for more info.

  31. @Azuka
    you welcome and YES~! 2012/01/25 :(
    but dont worry we will have that for 10000000% or you can kill Aranween if he miss that in our project ^^

  32. Hihihi, I want to laugh XD

  33. Hihihi, I want to laugh XD
    But there isn’t fun….

  34. @miichan19
    that would be:
    “My Dearest” By Supercell
    I have it, though it’s not the single…
    but it’s a good one… ^_^
    here it is:

  35. or you mean the song the anime start with in the first episode…?
    if so then it’s Euterpe [By Reika]
    and the MF link is up there…

  36. @yaoi – ohh,okey thnks for the help :D

  37. don’t mention it dear, hope I helped… ^O^

  38. @Yaoiholic
    Sorry for the late reply. Did not visit here for a while. Anyway, no problem. Glad to be of help ^^

  39. Oh I see that full version of the song come from radio
    well I really want to know when will …
    「βίος」vocal:小林未郁/ Mika Kobayashi
    the radio version will come out LOLL

  40. @Fi
    ki ni shinai de :)

    Okaeri… ^O^

  41. LOLL have you watch ep.4
    I can’t get enough with this epic song
    「βίος」vocal:小林未郁/ Mika Kobayashi
    I want it LOLLL !!

  42. hey guys thanks for the sharing <3 guilty crown!!!

    here is the pack i made from all you files (and fixed the song names in the 1st folder. thanks for sharing again!!

  43. hey guys thanks for the sharing <3 guilty crown!!!
    here is the pack i made from all you files (and fixed the song names in the 1st folder. thanks for sharing again!!

  44. Episode 4 Guilty in crown, when Shu uses the gravity gun to save a Inori plays music, someone could pass me the link of it?

  45. @Yaoiholic
    kyahaha..tadaima :X matte..koko ni watashi no ongaku no uchi desu ka? :X

    yes episode 4 was epic! can see inori in action for once~ love her flying stunts >_<

  46. O.O Music in this anime is just mind blowing~~~~ NYAAAAWHAAA

  47. Whats the song in episode 5?

  48. @Fi
    Dakara ne, Tanoshiku Shite Kudasai
    Wakatta… ;)

  49. The music in this anime is fantastic, the song in episode 5 is sick

  50. is there anyone here knows what is the title of the insert song in episode 5?

  51. Thanks for the album is full of Supercell :)

  52. finally the official My Dearest CD yaaaaaay o/

  53. Hountou ni arigatou animeost ^^ i was looking for this yaay

  54. Mirrors for My Dearest with scans!
    added ☆(^ー^)ノ

  55. I really want to know what’s the music track that starts at 0:40 in the Guilty Crown PV2.

    Any ideas?

  56. Thanks for your

  57. Tadaima, minna-san!

    Good news!

    The ED (Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta) & Insert Song (Euterpe) Single Album is released! Credits to Supercell fan page ( for posting the announcement and download link ;)

    1. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~【ED】
    2. エウテルペ 【第1话插曲】
    3. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ (TV Edit)
    4. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ -BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Remix- – BOOM BOOM SATELLITES
    5. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ -Instrumental-
    6. エウテルペ -Instrumental-
    7. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ (TV Edit) -Instrumental-
    ======Download Link!!!==============
    Credits: Uploader

  58. My beloved Euterpe☆(^ー^)ノ

  59. Thanks i was looking for Euterpe

  60. Damn i wish they had the piano version of Euterpe on this. I dont care for Departures too much.

  61. @boss
    do you meant Euterpe Instrumental? It’s already inserted with the album . If you really want Euterpe -Piano only- , I can say that they doesn’t have it. Unless it’s fan-made..

  62. @xYuuki

    In the anime they do play a piano version of Euterpe. Just wish it was on this. I guess it will probably be on some damn drama cd or something. I cant remember which episode though.

  63. anyone knows the song in episode 4 when shu went berserk…and pulled out void from inori chan?????…….i’v seen so many question about this song…but no one answered yet………>(

  64. wanted to know the name of the song that starts when the shu takes the sword in the first EP.

  65. Its
    「βίος」vocal:小林未郁/ Mika Kobayashi

  66. Ahhhhh !! I want
    「βίος」vocal:小林未郁/ Mika Kobayashi
    in Piano version in Ep.8 that really great

  67. thank you. Shoko Mizuki

  68. i heard this song would release on 25th Jan 2012….oh god if only i can jump one month ahead to get this song in my iphone..

  69. YEA! Me too……i just cant wait

  70. what a shame not to have plete the music is very good

  71. i dont understand why this song delayed from publicity……this song must be really really sugoiiiiii

  72. Title: Guilty Crown ED Single
    Mediafire link not working :x

  73. @Jin it is not working because they aren’t any lol…

    Oh! I almost forgot!
    Thanks for the upload!

  74. @Jin ,
    Here you go. .. sorry for the late upload.

  75. Omg i almost given up looking for this sountrack!! XD Huge thanks for the upload!! Oh and Guilty Crown rocks! So far this and Mirai Nikki 2 best series of the year! XD

  76. Hey anyone know what song is used for the final episode of GC? the part where Inori is singing at the tower :D

  77. @Anon ep 11 insert song is called
    Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~

  78. I think <.<

  79. Hi ! what’s the name of the Rock/Electro guitar Ost in episode One when Ouma Shu takes the sword from Inori please?

  80. 「βίος」vocal:小林未郁/ Mika Kobayashi

  81. Whats the awesome battle theme used when Shu teams up with Gai on episode 12 to defeat Mana and its eletric guitar with a guy singing I WANT :D!

  82. Yes its just awesome~!
    All theme Songs you can find in
    That will we release in 25.01.2012 by us!

  83. The songs are just GREAT!!! one of the best OSTs ever!

  84. muy buen Ost, es demasiado bueno, la voz están delicada y aun así es tan hermosa :D

  85. Guilty Crown OP2. ^^

  86. OP2 and ED2 added

  87. Thanks for the 2nd OP and ED {emot (1)}

  88. hello I wanted to know if you guys know the name of the song that you eat in time 17, 11 and ends 18, 10 Guilty episode 13 of the Crown

  89. hello guys
    may i know what’s the name of soundtrack in episode 13
    at the part when Shinomiya Ayase and Shu battling the Philanthropists?

  90. ^^ Heyy person up there are you talking about the theme song when Shu & Gai fight ‘Mana’? if your looking for that song it hasn’t been released yett D: its coming out 25/1/2012

  91. @ KennyG … no no that song… u talking about 12 ep… They as at 13… when Shu and Aya protect shool and get void

    • Yup all !

      I wan’t know the OST in episode 13 at the part when Ayase and Shu protect school too ! She’s great !

  92. Yup all !

    I wan’t know the OST in episode 13 at the part when Ayase and Shu protect school too ! She’s great !

    ‘ Sry to take this in a reply ^^” )

    Here is the full version of Bios enjoy!

  94. OMG OMG OMG Full mega thank you !
    ( Sorry, i’m french… :P )

    • ^
      Bios full song

  95. No problem guys also dirt i don’t know if you uploaded this video but you stole it from me
    At least give credit -.-“

    • Stolen? That really BAD BAD BAD word.

    • And yet you ripped the auto from a video on NicoNicoDouga…. I don’t think you really have the liberty of complaining about stealing.

      • Right words Jasott :)
        we download that song from Youtube so we really dont know anything about NicoNicoDouga
        But thank you for info :) and welcome

    • ‘Mika Kobayashi – βίος’ ripped and cleaned from NicoNico video.
      Format: mp3 Bitrate: CBR 192 kbps

      Original video link:
      Credits goes to the uploader.

    • sorry i don’t upload this video my friend send link to me

  96. Nope it wasnt from that Nico site it was from an other JAP site which contained the links but you had to have an account and there was some things that you could hear the songs.

  97. Nope it wasn’t from the Nico site it was from an other JAP site that you had to have an account to get the links but you could hear the songs by some things so i record the audio from it.
    Also this site had all the songs :)

  98. sorry for the spam and thank you so much from creding me :D

    • You welcome and thank for share :3

  99. No problem expect more songs in a few minutes ;)

  100. here is α from the original soundtrack
    It’s the second track in the list

  101. this is the song that Kicak and kuma asked


      • I don’t mind you’re over thanking them, but could you please mind your language next time? Thanks ^^

  102. Here is the OST. ENJOY

    -Please DONT paster website address!
    You can paste download link but please NO website address!
    Thx you

    • Thax for share, we update post and add your credits!

      • Arigatou for share QWERTY but i will wait for OUR release in FLAC Version ;3 {emot (20)}

  103. I’d like to ask you if these tracks are uploaded under permission of original track maker.

  104. OMG….. guys thanks very very much !! this OST is realy awesome !! :)

  105. Is the last album (original soundtrack)’s original title is ‘Guilty Crown Animation OST’ ? If not, then I can post the download link to it (the newest album, released on 25th of January, I guess).

    • You mean that:
      Thx for share goes to QWERTY -Guilty Crown Original Soundtrack

      • Yes, I mean that one. Is that ‘Guilty Crown Animation OST’ or not? If not, as I said, I can give the download link (if it’s not Animation, then I dunno if the download link is available yet, but I still have it :])

  106. Thanks guys (: arigatou (: my dreams come true. been waiting for this. so long. (:.

    LOVE YOU GUYS (:.. (: you guysh should get Chatango or what its called. chat for this site(:

  107. Hill of Sorrow is the name of the insert song in ep 13.

  108. When does the theme song collection come out?

  109. Well, you didn’t replay, so I really don’t know whether you have this or not, but whatever, here goes ..
    Title: Guilty Crown Animation OST
    CD’s: 1
    Contains: 19 songs
    Release date: 25/01/2012
    Download link:
    Tracklist :
    1. βios / Mika Kobayashi BIOS/ Mika Kobayashi
    2. α ALPHA
    3. Ω OMEGA
    4. Ready to Go / David Whitaker READY TO GO/ David Whitaker
    5. friends / mpi FRIENDS/ mpi
    6. VOiD VOID
    7. gエ19 GHQ
    8. θεοι TEOI
    9. close your eyes / Michiyo Honda CLOSE YOUR EYES/ Michiyo Honda
    10. Βασιλευζ BASILEUS
    11. π PIE
    12. Release My Soul / エイミー・ブラックシュレイガー RELEASE MY SOUL/ Aimee Blackschleger
    13. κrOnё KRONE
    14. Hill Of Sorrow / mpi HILL OF SORROW/ mpi
    15. Αποκσλυψιζ APOCALYPSE
    16. Home 〜in this corner〜 / Leina HOME -IN THIS CORNER-/ Leina
    17. Genesi§ GENESIS
    18. βιοζ-δ / Mika Kobayashi BIOS DELTA/ Mika Kobayashi
    19. Rё∀L / Cyua REAL/ Cyua

    • We already had it on top already, “Thx for share goes to QWERTY -Guilty Crown Original Soundtrack-“, but we’ll still upload our own release MP3-320k/FLAC with Scans though! Be sure to stay tuned! Thanks for the sharing too!

      • Well, I asked if ‘Original Soundtrack’ was ‘Animation OST’ (it’s original title, I guess?), but no one replied, so I thought ‘whatever, I’ll just put it there and see what happens’ ;D
        In other words, the title was ‘wrong’, so I didn’t really know ..

        • Its ok Noya that will be perfect mirror :)
          Thanks for share

  110. Oops, forgot my name and e-mail .. That was me <<

  111. Any plans or information on a release of the Bonus CD with the BD Limited Edition? I know it has the Euterpe piano version that they keep teasing in the episodes.

    • I want to know too, not finding any torrents for it and my normal sites don’t seem to have it yet.

  112. does anyone know what language was sung in the ‘βios’?

    • German

      Here’s a vid with a transcript included

      • Hmm… the title seems to be in Greek but the lyrics are in German… Anyway, thanks for the video link {emot (12)}

  113. excuse me guys, just wondering if you guys know the title of the ost when inori came in shu’s apartment… it’s probably at ep 3 5:05… thanks guys..,

    • It isn’t in any of these Albums .. At least, I didn’t find it. :/

    • It’s not on any of the released albums yet. Either they will do another official soundtrack, or it will be released on one of the bonus CD’s that are included with the limited edition bluray/dvd.

      • There gonna be OST 2 near Jun/July 2012 {emot (14)}

  114. hey

  115. does anyone know where to download euterpe~silence

    • If it comes out at all it might be on the second blu-ray/dvd bonus cd or in OST 2

  116. Comment {emot (4)} Comment

  117. Thank u so much! :)

  118. really liked, of music of Episode 3
    when and Inori shu go home together …
    começa 5:30

    I’m from Brazil.

  119. Finally found it on and put it on a DDL for everyone. This version of “Departures” is unbelievably beautiful.
    Guilty Crown Theme Song Collection (from the BD/DVD)

    1.) Euterpe ~Silence~
    2.) Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~
    3.) 澤野弘之 – Rё∀L feat. Cyua
    4.) 澤野弘之 – βios

    • Thank you. Just want to point this out but tracks 3 and 4 are apparently using the NHK Symphony for the instrumental pieces

      and here’s the tracklist for vol 2’s bonus CD. And I doubt anyone will be able to tell me its not going to hard to translate the name XD


      • If you don’t mind me asking, did you turn around a put this up on Nyaa again giving credit to animeost? Just curious as a torrent popped up crediting animeost and the files are identical to the ones I shared.

        • o.O we didnt share that on Nyaa?! Can you share link with us?

        • No I didn’t post it on Nyaa, I downloaded it from a torrent that was there when i saw your comment.

          • Not that I care to be honest, just the file names matched. But at the same time, as I downloaded via Nyaa as well, that could be the regular file names on the disk when it is ripped and only the original rippers would know.

            Such a long wait time for the new OP/ED releases though, arg.

  120. o.O that nice but… that share with our credits correct? or maybe someone making trool upload with our credits {emot (8)}

  121. Is βίος available in Off Vocal? I hate the voice .. I just want the BGM if possbiel.

  122. Anyone got the Guilty crown soundtrack another side 01 yet? ;A;

  123. Hmm will u guys release this Guilty Crown SOUNDTRACK ANOTHER SIDE 01:

  124. Anyone know that OST from episode 8, around min 5

    The lyrics are like.. YES… -insert violin-.. NO.. -Insert rap-


  126. Yay the second OP!!!!

  127. Arigatou minna-san !!! XDD
    You don’t have any idea how excited I am here.. X3
    May God always bless u all ^^

  128. Does anyone know whose been “leaking” the singles? My Dearest, The Everlasting Guilty Crown, and if I remember correctly also Departures were leaked the sunday before they were suppose to hit the shelves/sites.

  129. Thanks a lot for these songs, appreciate it.

  130. Thanks, I was waiting for the second op \(>3<)/

  131. Guilty Crown ED2 + Black Rock Shooter ED torrent 320kbps:

    1. Kokuhaku
    2. Bokura no Ashiato
    3. Kare
    4. Kokuhaku (TV Edit)
    5. Kokuhaku -Instrumental-
    6. Kare -Instrumental-
    7. Kokuhaku (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

  132. Good thinking adding in torrent links. -w-b

  133. Can anybody upload the 2nd album with MF or somefin, i aint got torrent downloading programes :/

  134. can u upload “Title: Guilty Crown ED2 Signle
    and Black Rock Shooter ED Single” at MF?

    • eto…..Mediafire banned 2 our account T_T
      its really hard for us to upload at Mediafire….can you give us a other source?

  135. thanks a lot!!! i really mean it… i’ve been searching this for ages… but can you tell me which one of the download link is faster/better? because i used to use mediafire, but now i can’t, i already tried most of them and its rather slow, the speed is always decreasing… thx b4.. o yeah, one more thing : you guys rock!!!

    • DDLanime :) should be nice
      Also please wait we will reuplaod Mediafire link to Jumblofile – host similar to mediafire :)

  136. thx for the info… o yeah one more thing, why is there a blackrock shooter ost in here, not that i mind or anything, just curios… thx again for the tips

  137. Thanks for the uploads, I have one question..will we get that piano version of the track “friends” at anotjer bonus CD or what?..I think the still need to release one more CD o.o

    • In Guilty Crown SOUNDTRACK ANOTHER SIDE 02
      we will have
      01 Pianoforte-AdLib I
      02 Guitar→Pianoforte
      03 Pianoforte-AdLib II
      04 Flute+Pad+Harp→Pianoforte
      05 Strings+Horns+Trombone+Tuba
      06 Pianoforte-AdLib III
      07 Various
      08 Guitar→Synth
      09 Pianoforte-AdLib IV

      • Do you know when it will be published, and if it already, then where can I get it? Thanks in advance :)

  138. I hope the Another Side 02 has the insert song in the last episode

    • ope nvm the insert song in the last episode is in the sound track

  139. Just finish watching the final episode. If I’m Shu, I would rather die with Inori~

    • I was really upset with the ending. He ended up alone. I rather it have ended with him and Inori dying together rather then him living alone without her. They built on them so much that it was heartbreaking to see them not end up together.

      • Remember Shu’s void absorbed both the good and the bad aspects of the people he used it on, and when he used it on Inori she was a spirit trapped in an Apocalypse crystal flower, and at the very end she was covered in the virus and blind and he used his void on her again (along with everyone else on the planet). note at the end its been years and he’s still blind.

  140. good anime with EPIC soundtrack….

  141. whats the song at the end when inori saved shu?

    • It’s ‘Release My Soul’ , Track 12 from the Guilty Crown OST. :)

  142. in episode 22

  143. what is the insert song at the end of episode 22?
    when inori vanished

    • ‘Release My Soul’, Track 12 Guilty Crown OST. :)

      • thanks, got that sad song ^_^

  144. Hey guys, does anyone know the piano song that was played in episode 15 during Hare’s death? If anyone does please let me know I’ve been searching everywhere for it! :)

  145. Ahhhh anime was really BAD…ending terrible…..only character design and music was awesome and amazing…..
    That still makes Code Geass nr.1 for me

  146. Thank you for the share ;)

  147. What is the ost. That’s playing during Hare’s death? I’ve been looking for it for so long

  148. great anime, i hope story will continue after inori dead…

  149. Uh i heard there will be an Another Side 02…anyone knows when will it be released? : D

  150. why is their no such episode 23 or season 2 the guilty crown need a season 2 or episode 23 and continue like Naruto my friends was excited about episode 23 or season 2 for guilty crown because they love the guilty crown

  151. this anime is just like seikon no qwaser in the last episode their is no happiness in the last episode guilty crown and seikon no qwaser is the same in the last episode their is no happiness

  152. hey where can i download Friends by mpi music soundtrack???

  153. thank

  154. I don’t really like the ending of this anime….

  155. i have a question : what is the song on the battle scene at the end of the episode 13 ?

    • I think that will be:
      4. Ready to Go
      14. Hill Of Sorrow

      • it’s “Hill of Sorrow” !
        Thank’s a lot !

  156. Thank you very much for uploading ! ^^

  157. Wtf is wrong with shuu, if im him i will save inori no matter what, because i’m a hero

    • He act like men without “BALLs” ><’ He should die fighting for love and women he care!

      • he’s a shame on men, what can I say -__-

        • seriusly guys u are a bit too optimistic there is no way to make everything good just cause you are hero dosent meant u can stop someone deads inori died consuming the virus but well the only choice was to die both shuu and her but she choose to keep shuu alive and if u watched the anime he fight for her till the very end

  158. So guys, I will ask again; Will we get the Another Side 02 on 25th o?f April

  159. I just want to mention I’m very new to blogging and site-building and really liked you’re web-site. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You definitely come with perfect well written articles. Kudos for sharing with us your website page.

  160. anyone know piano BGM that played when hare dies???

    • It may be released today, at the ANOTHER SIDE 02

    Another soundtrack 2 for you guys! XD
    I’m waiting for the high quality ones :)

    • Ahhhh you was a bit faster that me ^^

  162. I don’t know what to say :(
    but ,,,, thanks thanks guys ~
    UR The BEST

  163. THANKS

  164. Does anyone know what the Guilty Crown Requiem Score III is? I just saw a post on facebook about it. =\

  165. Hi, Thank you so much for sharing this soundtracks! it’s awesome! btw, I’ll re-upload this back ups, just in case^^

  166. TYVM i love this anime and their songs, ty!

    • Still one of the best!

  167. THAANKS!!! thanks to you, I have it. I love Guilty Crown so much an music is also great. thanx. this page is GREAT AnimeOST :DDD

    • We are really happy to read that :)

  168. thank you! it’s cool,,I would like to ask, in eps 10, when Inori sing a song in the broadcast to save people in Apocalypse attack, what song did she sing? It’s the same as the ending?

  169. i think the OST is only 1, apart from Another Side that is. But there is a new single from EGOIST, in which no title yet, & release on September 19, 2012 (TMR’s tanjoobi, doushite kana?) Peace~

  170. EGOIST new single “Planetes”, theme song for Guilty Crown OVA. Its nice. Amazing how the date is on Sep. 19th 2012. Hopefully, thats from cdjapan schedule though

  171. does anyone knows the name of the song that plays on guilty crown anime chapter 3 at minute 5:40 while inori is changin clothes on shuu house or apartment

    • if anyone knows anything about this be kind and send me a message XP

  172. im baron but i decide to unite this page

  173. Overrated as the best anime and doesn’t hold candle or even resemble code geass one bit.

    However there are still a few epic scenes for the main chara despite many faults in the show and the main chara. I will rate this 3/5 just to be nice. Good music but rushed story and was better off ended on the first season.

  174. thanks for hard work

    i think the main soundtrack album isn’t good at all and maybe bad …

    music of other anime like Code Geass is very better i think.

  175. after listening to the tracks of “Guilty Crown Soundtrack Another Side 03”
    i can say this Piano Album is a little better but its still a below average one. rythm is very slow …

  176. Does anybody have the version of this bios song

    the one one here is completely different and i rather have this version.

  177. Hi.. Thanks for all the uploads so far! This is by far my fav website for anime songs! :) I’m u=just wondering if someone could just fix the OP2 files in ZS downloader? As I don’t know the other download sites too well and the ZS one is the most straightforward one I know. Thank you very much for your hard work! :)

    • Ohayo Sarah~! We will fix that for you ^o^

  178. Hi everyone! Would it be possible to upload the OST album again? I’m still desperate cause I cannot find it anywhere :(

  179. …and does the OST album include the orchestral work too? If not, where can I find it?

  180. Thank you for the uploads!

    Can i request an reupload on:
    – Guilty Crown ED2 Single and Black Rock Shooter ED Single
    – Crown Guilty 03 Bonus CD Limited Edition

    The links for both are no longer working. Am requesting here since i’m not sure if there’s a page for reuploads requests.

    Thank you.

    • ^^ Roger! ^0^

      • Thank you! Zippyshare is preferred (:

  181. Thanks guys, i really appreciate your work, this osts are amazing!!

  182. Hi there to all, the contents present at this web page are
    actually awesome for people experience, well, keep up the nice
    work fellows.


  183. Hi there everyone, the thing is links to the OST are not working, when i clicked a simple blank page appears, so can it be re-uploaded cuz i’m so desperate to download them, thanks in advance !!!

  184. Ouma Shu, You’re inspire of the reall life, we are hero, we can become one, but even hero, have their limit. we can’t do everything as if we are god.

  185. reupload please =w=


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