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Clannad OST

Clannad OST

Title: CLANNAD Intro & Outro Theme “Megumeru – cuckool mix 2007 – / Dango Daikazoku”
Type OST: Anime
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 7
Release Date:    2007/10/26


1. Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~
2. Dango Daikazoku
3. Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~ -TV animation ver.-
4. Dango Daikazoku -TV animation ver.-
5. Megumeru ~cuckool mix 2007~ -off vocal ver.-
6. Dango Daikazoku -off vocal ver.-
7. Shoujo no Gensou ZTS Remix

Title: CLANNAD Image Vocal Album “Sorarado”
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Vocal album release from game “CLANNAD” featuring six songs sung by riya.
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 6
Release Date:    2004/06/25


1. “The Girl’s Fantasy” 少女の幻想
2. “Over” オーバー
3. “Roaring Tide” 海鳴り
4. “Memories of a Distant Journey” 遠い旅の記憶
5. “Ten-thousand Miracles” 一万の軌跡
6. “Shining in the Sky” 空に光る

Title: CLANNAD Image Vocal Album “Sorarado Abento”
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Maxi-single release from game “CLANNAD” featuring four songs created by Little Wing.
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date:    2006/02/24


1. “Same Height” 同じ高み
2. “Maiden of the Wind” 風の少女
3. “Cherry Blossom Petal” ひとひらの桜
4. “Sunbeams Streaming Through the Leaves” 木漏れ日

Title: CLANNAD remix album ‘-memento-‘
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Remix album release from game “CLANNAD” featuring remixes of four songs and BGM track(s) plus an original song “Sakura Jokyoku.” Includes two discs.
CD’s:    2
Number of songs: 10/7
Release Date: 2006/02/24


Disc 1
1. “Mag Mell” メグメル
2. “Hurry Starfish” -PaPiPuPe Mix- は~りぃすたーふぃっしゅ
3. “To the Same Heights” 同じ高みへ
4. “A Pair of Idiots” 馬鹿ふたり
5. “Phase of the Moon” 月の位相
6. “Snowfield” 雪野原
7. “-Two Shadows-” -MintJam Mix- -影二つ-
8. “Ana”
9. Nagisa Warm Piano Arrange 渚
10. “A Tiny Palm” -new seasons mix- 小さなてのひら

Disc 2
1. “Ushio” 汐
2. “That’s Like the Wind” それは風のように
3. “Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time” 有意義な時間の過ごし方
4. “Tea Party in the Reference Room” GMBP2004MIX 資料室のお茶会
5. “Reduce to Ashes” 灰燼に帰す
6. “Shinning in the Sky” 空に光る
7. “Song of the Cherry Blossoms” 桜抒曲

Title: CLANNAD / Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album “Piano no Mori”
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Magome Togoshi, Shinji Orito, Jun Maeda, riya
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 10
Release Date:    29/12/2005


1. “To the Same Heights” 同じ高みへ
2. “Mag Mell” メグメル
3. “White Clovers” 白詰草
4. “A Tiny Palm” 小さなてのひら
5. “-Two Shadows-” -影二つ-
6. “dear old home”
7. “rivulet”
8. “worth living”
9. “harmony with sorrow”
10. “love song”

Title: Clannad Movie Soundtrack
Type OST: Anime
Artist: eufonius, Lia
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 27
Release Date:    21/11/2011


1. Dango Dango Dango
2. Tomoya no Yume
3. Genki ni Natta Nagisa
4. Pan Kai Kyousou
5. Yuujou
6. Nagisa
7. Kibou ni Moete
8. Nakayoshi Kazoku
9. Yume no Hanashi
10. Kinen Shashin
11. Umibe ni Te
12. Jiken
13. Nani ka ga Kawaru
14. Marching Band
15. Tanoshii Souritsusai
16. Nagisa Netsuen!
17. Odoru Nagisa
18. Omae ga Suki
19. Nagisa no Shi
20. Chichi no Kotoba
21. Yoshino Band
22. Ushio to Saikai
23. Megumeru ~frequency -> e Ver.~
24. Megumero ~fildychrom~ / eufonius
25. Megumeru ~fildychrom~ La la la Ver.
26. Chiisana Tenohira ~eufonius ver.~
27. Yakusoku

Title: CLANNAD Original SoundTrack
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Original soundtrack release from game “CLANNAD” featuring all 45 BGM tracks, full chorus version of “Megumeru – cockool mix -,” and two unreleased songs.
CD’s:    3
Number of songs: 20/1719
Release Date:    2005/01/28


1.    “Ushio” (汐)
2.    “Gensō” (幻想 Fantasy)
3.    “Mag Mell” (メグメル Megu Meru)
(Lyrics by Riya; Arrangement by Kiku; Performed by Eufonius)
4.    “Machi, Toki no Nagare, Hito” (町、時の流れ、人 Town, Flow of Time, People)
5.    “Nagisa” (渚)
6.    “Sore wa Kaze no Yōni” (それは風のように That’s Like the Wind)
7.    “Étude Pour les Petites Supercordes”
8.    “Hurry, Starfish” (は~りぃすたーふぃしゅ Hārī Sutāfisshu)
9.    “Kanojo no Honki” (彼女の本気 Her Determination)
10.    “Shiryōshitsu no Ochakai” (資料室のお茶会 Tea Party in the Reference Room)
11.    “Kochi” (東風 Spring Breeze)
12.    “Inaka Komichi” (田舎小径 Country Lane)
13.    “Yūigi na Jikan no Sugoshikata” (有意義な時間の過ごし方 Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time)
14.    “Hibi no Itoma” (日々の遑 The Days’ Leisure)
15.    “Dumb” (ダム Damu)
16.    “Baka Futari” (馬鹿ふたり A Pair of Idiots)
17.    “Kaijin ni Kaesu” (灰燼に帰す Reduce to Ashes)
18.    “Sonzai” (存在 Existence)
19.    “Tsuki no Isō” (月の位相 Phase of the Moon)
20.    “Muken” (無間 Incessant)

1.    “Yuki Nohara” (雪野原 Snowfield)
2.    “Shionari” (潮鳴り Roaring Tide)
3.    “Shionari II” (潮鳴り Roaring Tide)
4.    “TOE”
5.    “Onaji Takami e” (同じ高みへ To the Same Heights)
6.    “Negai ga Kanau Basho” (願いが叶う場所 The Place Where Wishes Come True)
7.    “Sora ni Hikaru” (空に光る Shining in the Sky)
8.    “-Kage Futatsu-” (-影二つ- -Two Shadows-)
(Lyrics by Kai; Arrangement by Magome Togoshi; Performed by Riya)
9.    “Shirotsumekusa” (白詰草 White Clovers)
10.    “Haruka na Toshitsuki (piano)” (遥かな年月 Distant Years)
11.    “Natsu Jikan” (夏時間 Summertime)
12.    “Haruka na Toshitsuki” (遥かな年月 Distant Years)
13.    “Country Train” (カントリートレイン Kantorī Torein)
14.    “Negai ga Kanau Basho II” (願いが叶う場所 The Place Where Wishes Come True)
15.    “Ana” (Lyrics by Yū Hagiwara; Arrangement by Magome Togoshi; Performed by Lia)
16.    “Nagisa (Saka no Shita no Wakare)” (渚~坂の下の別れ Nagisa (Parting at the Foot of the Hill))
17.    “Chiisana Tenohira” (小さなてのひら Small Palms)
(Lyrics by Jun Maeda; Arrangement by Magome Togoshi; Performed by Riya)

1.    “Gensō II” (幻想 Fantasy)
2.    “Kochi (afternoon)” (東風 Spring Breeze)
3.    “Kochi (tempo up)” (東風 Spring Breeze)
4.    “Kochi (piano)” (東風 Spring Breeze)
5.    “Yūigi na Jikan no Sugoshikata (guitar)” (有意義な時間の過ごし方 Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time)
6.    “Yūigi na Jikan no Sugoshikata (sax)” (有意義な時間の過ごし方 Meaningful Ways to Pass the Time)
7.    “Sonzai (e.piano)” (存在 Existence)
8.    “Sonzai (piano)” (存在 Existence)
9.    “Mag Mell (cockool mix full ver.)” (メグメル Megu Meru)
(Lyrics by Riya; Arrangement by Eufonius; Performed by Eufonius)
10.    “Mag Mell (short ver.)” (メグメル Megu Meru)
(Lyrics by Riya; Arrangement by Kiku; Performed by Eufonius)
11.    “Mag Mell (cockool mix short ver.)” (メグメル Megu Meru)
(Lyrics by Riya; Arrangement by Eufonius; Performed by Eufonius)
12.    “-Kage Futatsu- (short ver.)” (-影二つ- -Two Shadows-)
(Lyrics by Kai; Arrangement by Magome Togoshi; Performed by Riya)
13.    “Ana (short ver.)” (Lyrics by Yū Hagiwara; Arrangement by Magome Togoshi; Performed by Lia)
14.    “Ana (full ver.)” (Lyrics by Yū Hagiwara; Arrangement by Magome Togoshi; Performed by Lia)
15.    “Mag Mell (off vocal ver.)” (メグメル Megu Meru)
(Arrangement by Kiku)
16.    “Chiisana Tenohira (off vocal ver.)” (小さなてのひら Small Palms)
(Arrangement by Magome Togoshi)
17.    “-Kage Futatsu- (off vocal ver.)” (-影二つ- -Two Shadows-)
(Arrangement by Magome Togoshi)
18.    “Mishiyō Kyoku 1” (未使用曲 Unused Track)
19.    “Mishiyō Kyoku 2” (未使用曲 Unused Track)


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  1. My treasure………….(*⌒▽⌒*)

    • TT love the anime :) waaaaaaaaa

  2. Thx Kururu!!! Bookmarked this page already… I have no idea I was missing so much OST!!! And those who is listening to Clannad OST Please put a Thumbs UP!!! XD

  3. i have a question, is the Clannad Game OST is that the same music they use in the Anime as well ?

    I recently started watching the anime and fell in love with the series, so I was wondering

    • Usually, No

  4. where is the intro and ending song for clannad after story? if anyone have it, please upload them. thanks

  5. @Rembluish: I know that they use many of these in the anime series. But I can’t tell if all of them are used in it.

    @Tenkasei: If you won’t find it here, then do a quick search on the internet for .mp3

  6. I have couple of CD’s that aren’t here that I could upload.
    Plus I got the entire Clannad collection from Nyaa a good while back and there’s a lot more there too. It’s all FLAC as well for those who prefer it.

  7. Is it just me or are almost all of the downloads down?

    • Correct…i will reupload them asap

  8. Wow the Clannad OST brings back soo much emotions. :’D

  9. Sugoi!

  10. Brings back lots of memories >.<

    Thumbs up! Really appreciate it.

    • Arigatou! :D

  11. D: Why not use the cloud storage sites that don’t require premium for maximum speed/unlimited downloads? I don’t mind chained adflys.
    (torrentz good too)

  12. You guys are AMAZINGGG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

  13. there is one file that I can not extract because the extract at asking for a password to extract. file was titled Clannad Image Vocal Album – Sorarado. Can I ask for the password?

    And the website is very good. I can find many anime OST I love. >.<

    Thank you :D

  14. Domo arigato for this! :D

  15. I cannot download CLANNAD Original SoundTrack that via the FT, PL.

  16. ARIGATO KOSAE MAS !!! ´:)

  17. Can you upload Torch? (the album for season 2 OP)
    Please and thank you!


  19. Can anyone tell me the name the song from clannad season 1 episode 5 just before the ending when they are pretend schooling?

  20. Gracias , gracias, muchas gracias !!!!

  21. I downloaded every single one of these and there were still some tracks I did not find in them (those being remixes of Nagisa, Distant Years and ‘Town, Flow of Time, People’, all used in the anime).
    Actually there’s one important one missing here : the Clannad Mabinogi Remix album, many of these songs being used in the anime. The ones I was looking for, for example, had the titles “A New Life Reborn” (AWESOME one, remix of Distant Years I THINK), “Inside a Cradle Overflowing with Light” (that vocal version of “Town, Flow of Time, People” heard many times in the anime), “A Small Song Passed from Mother to Child” (just a simpathetic one :) ), you can listen to all these on Youtube.
    Anyway, if any one of you could put the Mabinogi album here too, that’d be great :D (doing this for other people who want every Clannad OST like me, I’m personally gonna go Google this now)

    • One of the comments has the link to download that one.
      It’s a link to mediafire

  22. I dare to say that Clannad is THE best anime ever.

    • Not Really, but maybe It is ONE of THE BEST

  23. Thank you!!!!!!!! wow this is GREAT Collections…!!!! :D

  24. This is Song Clannad and Clannad After Story right.?

  25. Ahhh thank you so much for this!! This show kills me every time I am so glad to have the soundtrack :D

  26. thank you so much for this!!

  27. thank you very much

  28. i am very like this anime

  29. Can someone reupload CLANNAD Original SoundTrack?The file is gone

  30. I noticed the After Story OP + ED album (Toki wo Kizamu Uta + TORCH) is not listed here. Is there any way of getting it on this page? I have all the songs in MP3 320 myself, plus some miscellaneous scans (though I don’t remember where I got them from), but it would be nice to have it up here for others. Or is it already on some other page and I just couldn’t find it?


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