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Sword Art Online OST

Sword Art Online OST

Sword Art Online ED Live Version Title: Sword Art Online ED Live Version
Type OST: Anime
Artist(s):Haruka Tomatsu
Number of songs: 1
Release Date: 10/11/2010



01 –  Yume Sekai

Sword Art Online OP Tv Size Title:Sword Art Online OP Tv Size
Type OST: Anime
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 1
Release Date:    July 2012



1.crossing field

 Sword Art Online ED Single - Yume Sekai Title: Sword Art Online ED Single
– Yume Sekai
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Haruka Tomatsu
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 3
Release Date:    25/07/2012



01    Yume Sekai
02    Issai Gassai
03    Yume Sekai (Instrumental)


 Sword Art Online OP Single - crossing field Title: Sword Art Online OP Single – crossing field
Type OST: Anime
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date:    08/08/2012

ZS ZS FS PL/ Torrent


1. crossing field
2. Itsuka no Tegami
3. Kawaranai Ao
4. crossing field -TV ver.-


Title:Human Beings Were Led to This Light
Type OST: Anime / C82
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 8
Release Date:    11/08/2012



02.The Fluctuating Light
03.Aviator in the Soul
04.Lethal Trigger
05.Facing the Past
06.Remained Sword
07.The Beyond


Sword Art Online Season 2 OP-ED TV Title: Sword Art Online Season 2 OP-ED TV
Type OST: Anime
Artist: OP by Eir Aoi
ED by Luna Haruna
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 2
Release Date:    October 2012




Sword Art Online Bonus CD 1 Title: Sword Art Online Bonus CD 1
-My Independent Destiny
Type OST: Anime
Artist:Asuna (CV: Haruka Tomatsu)
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 2
Release Date:    24/10/2012



01    My Independent Destiny
02    My Independent Destiny -Instrumental-


Sword Art Online OP 2 FULL Title: Sword Art Online OP 2
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Eir Aoi
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date: 21/11/2012


2. Velvet Tears
3. Dear Brightness

Sword Art Online Bonus CD 2 Title: Sword Art Online Bonus CD 2
Type OST: Anime
Artist: Saori Hayami, Rina Hidaka
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date:    21/11/2012

ZS GG FS PL/ Torrent


1 Memory Heart Message
2 ☆Lovely Super Idol☆
3 Memory Heart Message -Instrumental-
4 ☆Lovely Super Idol☆ -Instrumental-


Sword Art Online ED2 Full Singe Title: Sword Art Online ED2 Full Singe
– Overfly
Type OST: Anime
CN: SECL-1223
Artist:Luna Haruna
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date:   21/11/2012

MP3ZS GG PL / Torrent
Download FLACZS GG PL/ Torrent


1. Overfly
2. 祈り
3. 魔法の城、真実の書物。
4. Overfly -TV size ver.-

Sword Art Online ED2 Full Singe Title: Sword Art Online ED2 Full Singe
– Overfly [Limited Edition]
Type OST: Anime
CN: SECL-1223~4
Artist:Luna Haruna
CD’s:    2
Number of songs: 4/2
Release Date:   21/11/2012

GG PL/ Torrent



1. Overfly
2. 祈り
3. 魔法の城、真実の書物。
4. Overfly (TV size ver.)

1. Overfly (Music Video)

Sword Art Online Bonus Disc 3 Title: Sword Art Online Bonus Disc 3
Type OST: Anime
Artist:Ayahi Takagaki
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 2
Release Date: 26/12/2012

ZS PL SM | Torrent


01    Cheer! Tear? Cheer!!
02    Cheer! Tear? Cheer!! -Instrumental-

Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.1 Title: Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.1
Type OST: Anime
Artist(s):Yuki Kajiura
Number of songs: 33
Release Date: 23/01/2013
Download 320k
ZS PL FS | Torrent
Download FLAC
FT PL PL2 GG | Torrent


01    swordland
02    feel uneasy
03    everyday life
04    quiet strain
05    no way
06    stand at bay
07    weird place
08    survive the swordland
09    taut nerves
10    a tense situation
11    a strategy meeting
12    in your past
13    march down
14    left in suspense
15    we have to defeat it
16    at our parting
17    confront battle
18    at our parting ~piano only
19    luminous sword
20    at our parting ~Vc only
21    a close battle
22    a tender feeling
23    a narrow escape
24    he rules us
25    fight!
26    a tiny love
27    smile for me
28    gracefully
29    a squabble
30    with my friend
31    the first town
32    at nightfall
33    despaired

Our offical release! Big thanks goes to leatherhead333

Sword Art Online Radio CD Vol. 2 Title: Sword Art Online Radio CD Vol. 2
Type OST: Anime
Artist: VA
CD’s:    2
Number of songs: 5/11
Release Date: 01/12/2012






Sword Art Online Bonus CD 5 Title: Sword Art Online Bonus CD 5
Type OST: Anime
Artist:Kanae Ito
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 2
Release Date: 27/02/2013


01    I know “ai”
02    I know “ai” -Instrumental-

Sword Art Online  Bonus CD Vol.6 Title: Sword Art Online  Bonus CD Vol.6
Type OST: Anime
Artist:Suguha (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 2
Release Date: 27/03/2013


01    Face to You
02    Face to You -Instrumental-

Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.2 Title: Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.2
Type OST: Anime
Artist(s):Yuki Kajiura
Number of songs: 27
Release Date: 24/04/2013
Download 320K
ZS PL FL MU AN | Torrent | AOI
Download FLAC
PL FL MU AN | Torrent | AOI


01    swordland ~to be continued
02    friendly feelings
03    sorrowfully
04    critical phase
05    victory
06    a new world of fairies
07    fly higher and faster
08    in time of peace
09    fly, if you can
10    fight with a devil
11    she is still sleeping
12    past sadness
13    is this love?
14    town in the morning
15    climbing up the world tree
16    I wonder
17    Yui
18    is this love? ~piano only ver.
19    Oberon
20    in the cage
21    got to win
22    aerial fight
23    false king
24    last flight
25    reconciliation
26    dance with me
27    aincrad

AOI offical release! Big thanks goes to leatherhead333

Sword Art Online  Bonus CD Vol.8 Title: Sword Art Online  Bonus CD Vol.8
Type OST: Anime
Artist(s):Ayana Taketatsu, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka-
Number of songs: 4
Release Date: 22/05/2013


01    Sky The Graffiti
02    Sword & Soul
03    Sky The Graffiti -Instrumental-
04    Sword & Soul -Instrumental-

Sword Art Online  Bonus CD Vol.9 Title: Sword Art Online  Bonus CD Vol.9
Type OST: Anime
Artist(s):Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Haruka Tomatsu, Ayana Taketatsu, Kanae Ito, Rina Hidaka, Ayahi Takagaki
Number of songs: 2
Release Date: 26/06/2010


01    Sing All Overtures
02    Sing All Overtures -Instrumental-

Sword Art Online Radio CD Vol. 1 Title: Sword Art Online Radio CD Vol. 1
Type OST: Anime
Artist: VA
CD’s:    1
Number of songs: 6
Release Date: 2012/08/29



Download Anime

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  1. Eh? this became an anime!, since when O_o.

    • Since July

      • kasih tau dunk ganti tampilan desktop jdi kaya tampilan di swort art online

        • wew orang indo -.-
          wew OOT bang
          wew namanya alay :3
          wew kk wew

        • Swort = Sword

          alay tingkat dewa nih .


          • yaa….jgn ngomong gitu dun….
            kn kemampuan inggris tiap org beda”

          • ea, ane nyimak aja lah.

          • hahahaha. abdi urang sunda.

          • wakakwkak ternyata ada orang Indo juga toh…
            Mksdnya wallpaper gitu? Cari aj di internet banyak

    • How How to Download Games Sword Art Online

    • Gan Gimana Cara Mendonwload Permainan Sword Art Online?

      • ada juga game PSP

  2. @T24
    It’s coming out this season. Click the Summer 2012 visual guide on

  3. this anime will be a legend ^^

    • Hope so! ;3

    • I’m giving you a medal for this sentence.

      YES. YES. YES.

    • if it include GGO, then it will surely become a legend

      • The second season will!

        • it will release soon,
          in july 2014

    • And so it was said….
      So it became………….

      • Sao,ALO,GGO

        • you forgot UW :)

    • the anime is epic watch it

  4. Can’t wait till the full OST comes out! Yuki Kajiura’s work is always great.

  5. thx guys , you are best

  6. The soundtrack sounds like it’s going to be great from the way the anime is going cant wait for it to be out!

    • We too ;3 i really hate to wait!

  7. The Opening is said to be out on the 8th of August…. Early Birthday Present.

  8. I’ll be waiting for the Opening~~~

  9. i want the full opening…
    its really nice song..

  10. can you reupload for Sword Art Online ED Live Version
    cuz the mf link is dead

  11. Just a few more hours until the full OP, right?

  12. Is the full version of crossing field even out today?

  13. The full op along with its single have been out on the internet now for like 4 days, but I guess the reason why it isnt here yet is because Animeost is waiting for their official release?

    • Correct :) Thank you for patience

      • No problem, thanks for all your hard work :)

  14. YATTA!! the full opening already!!
    arigatou gozaimasu, otsukaretasama desuta!!

  15. the opening song so greeeaaattt~~~
    thx animeost..

  16. When will the ost with the song theme please ?


  17. thanks

  18. thanks with downloads

    • You should buy the CD to support them not download it online =_=

      • I know right!!

  19. Thank you very much!

  20. why is all going to that freaking adfly sitewhats up with that?

    • Click ‘Skip Ad’ in the top right hand corner after 5 seconds, then you will be taken to the download page

  21. is it just me or are the links for ED single dead?

    • MI link works

      • MF and ZS links fixed

        • anyone have the tracklist of episide 9?

  22. holy humanity !!! , love this site!!!!!!! thanks :D

  23. thanks guys

  24. Hi
    If you can,please upload sword art online ost in other uploaders.


  25. There’s no Crossing field Instrument, but it will be released soon, right ?

  26. Your MF account has been suspended guys ;-;

    • We fixed MF links, thank you for info

  27. Can someone explain what this newest OST is from? I don’t recall hearing any of these in either show.

    • It says C82 which I’m assuming it’s from Comiket 82 and is a fanworks?

  28. Anyone knows the sad/dramatic soundtrack?

  29. OST from this anime sounds epic,I hope tracks will be out soon… I love some fighting tracks like the one that play when they are against The Fatal Scythe *_*

    • Ost will be out on the 23th of January 2013. If you want to look please check this site:
      It has got all about the composer of this anime and many many more. Kjiura Yuki is amazing in her music!!!
      Greetings :)

      • i read like 2 months ago that the ost of season 1 will be released on the 24th this month(october).

        • That would be awesome man.

  30. wow my first time entering this site and fall in love with it, never knew this site were exist.

    i’ll make sure to spread all the love to my friends and i MEAN it !!


    • You most welcome Virsia. :D

  31. Anyone happen to know the name of the song on episode 15 when Kirito opens the email and see’s Asuna’s picture.. its so beautiful<3

    • News is that the Original Soundtrack will be released next year in January, the lovely staff of AnimeOST will let you know what title of the song is as well as when the OST will be released. But do stick around, there is a lot of different and new soundtracks and music for you to enjoy.

      • Did they also say which ost?
        like only season 1, season 2 or both?
        cause i think a combined ost from season 1 and 2 would be quite big..

    • The song name is OverFly!

    • That’s the ED Theme for SAO. :)

      • I think Yuuki is referring to the background theme music from 21:47-22:03 in that particular episode.

        • Yes! Len I am referring to the one that starts at 21:47!! D: I cant wait til the OST comes out!!!

          • Jan 13. cant wait

    • please let me know if you get that soundtrack. have been searching for it for a while now but to no avail

  32. Im stilling waiting for the Ost to come out. i really want it

  33. I’m still waiting for OP 2 to come out.

  34. I wonder what’s the song name when Asuna and Kirito kiss each other xD

  35. how do i get op 2?

  36. This is a masterpiece

  37. Can s1 tell me the name of the ost when kirito fights with the gleam eyes boss?

  38. Thank You! :)

  39. can anyone tell me the name of the soundtrack in the battle between kiroto and Gleam Eyes just send me a messege if you know my email is

    • The OST for Sword Art Online has yet to be released, so even if we knew the name of the song in question (which we most likely don’t) you wouldn’t be able to get it until the OST comes out ;p

  40. Can anyone tell me the title of this OST song?
    Tough i made a piano cover of it, its pretty silly to not have a right title for it xD

    Cant wait for the full OST release!

    • If it is from SAO, then we probably don’t know the name, as the OST has not been released for this series yet. However, the OST will be available Jan. 13, so expect us to have it within a week after it being released.

  41. do you know what song on episode 9?
    when Kirito & Asuna seeing the boss blue eyed demon?

    • It’s called the main theme of SAO, ‘Sword Art Online main theme’ search it on YouTube, you will find it there.

      • Just letting you know, that video so called main theme is a rearranged ost called collaboration version. The original version closest to the official “mainstream song” is uploaded by mrepicosts, the first one uploaded. People calling that 3.08 length the main theme has mistaken. True it may be longer but it’s only been rearranged so we can make it sound better.

  42. what is the title song when kirito visit asuna ????? >.<

  43. Sword Art Online is… juts epically wonderful :) !!!

  44. for those of you looking for the Gleam Eyes battle theme, someone ripped it on youtube. the official version is still not out, but this can be your fix for now.

  45. Hey, that’s not OP2 Full version, that’s just TV version that repeated for 3 times in a row. You should fix it.

  46. To confirm you all, there is a original version and a collaboration version. Collaboration version was rearranged by the uploader from nico douga. And apparently was from a pv. The collboration so called main theme in youtube is not the closest one to the original ost named mainstream song.That uploader has no idea about the song and just uploaded with no infomation. The official closest one is called original version uploaded by mrepicosts. All the information you need about how the ripped occurred is all there.

    • Thanks for the notice. I kinda notice why there is a collaboration and a original and that main theme song on youtube was a collaboration but it said main theme. It all made sense when I read the description from mrepicosts video original version. Thanks for that. Makes sense now.
      I had my mind confused before lol.

  47. what song that they are in elf end song ??>???

  48. Thank you for such amazing high quality songs!!

  49. Nice, thanks for da link, anyway,may i ask, if da song overfly by haruna luna hav a full version? kinda nice song for me to feel

    • I know what you mean, its a good song. Sadly, the single for it hasnt been released yet, but check back with us when its released and im sure we will have it.

  50. I have a full version of innocence~!~!

    • Well as you can see we too….

      • Do u know when will the official album come out??? ;)

        • Jan. 13 2013

          • Finally !!!! Thanks for link, really appreciate it, thank you so much

  51. Thanks for the info, really looks forward to it. I ll stay tuned here to get it..

  52. I love this anime

  53. i really wanna innocence (OP2) full version.. the link’s here just OP tv size repeated 3 times

  54. I hope Overfly comes out soon! xD

  55. very nice uU
    tnks for those great songs!!!
    and just surfing on net, look what I found oO :
    this guy plays very well

  56. Erm i cant download the songs

    • erm i mean whn i enter my hp number ntg comes out after tat

      • Erm…. I think you shan’t insert your phone number or anything else like that
        Since it’s just something like, call it, a prank
        Well, what you have to do is to open the download link, find the download button and start download
        Sometimes it’s hidden well (Some sites I mean, probably to make us open the ads hoping that we’ll have an interest towards them) so you’ve got to search thoroughly
        But all of the links provided here are safe from what I’ve just said before ad-maniacs

  57. Sorry you’ll have available when Overfly!! Full!!??

    • I believe it release on November 28. :)

  58. do any one have the scans for the 2nd op??

  59. Thank’s…

  60. Can’t wait for the drama ost to come out….. I’M DYING HERE. COME ON, JANUARY. XD

  61. Thank’s a lot~ ^^

  62. Thx a lot

  63. hey admin, can u remove the songs that are not original? too much same songs lol, by the way thanks alot !

  64. can anyone tell me where can i find the “menu interface” sound??
    also the sound of message from SAO??

  65. IS Overfly full song Live version ?

  66. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays first thing in episode 21? The piano flute duet? Thanks!

  67. Why the Sword Art Online OP2 ALbum didn’t have any meta data??? do you delete it???

    • We will fix that release in next 12 hours. That was error

      • wew, thanks…

  68. ED finally release XD

  69. yume sekai just lovely~

  70. e.e, finnaly found the whole ost of sao *-*, tnks!! very nice work and site !!!!

    SAO, 2º OP on flute oO, I just liked xD, look:

  71. I want a nerve gear T_T

  72. do you guys know when are the OSTs (BGMs and such) will come out?

    • The OST Nr. 1 comes with the 4th blu ray volume and will be out January 23th 2013

  73. Can’t wait for the OSTs >w< !!!

  74. im just wondering, but i really would like to know what the song is that plays whenever something epic is happening. say right before kirito does star burst stream during the demon blue eyes battle, not the actual song DURING star burst, but the score that plays with all the ethereal vocals right before that.

  75. Hey,
    Does anyone know the name of the music that plays in episode 23 from 21:00 till 22:02 ?

    • maybe they’ll release the remaining music used as OST later with the last episode Blu-Ray disc.

      another option is, they are already bundled in the third character song album which just released.

      • Where can I find the third character song album ?

  76. Thank you

  77. Does anyone know the name of the music that plays in episode 23 from 09:31 until 11:17 ?

  78. Thanks for all the downloads. You guys and girls are the best. Can’t wait for the OST!

  79. ost?

    • Official SoundTrack

  80. OST information added. stay tuned for more….

    • nice i’m wating for

  81. wait this is just the ost information isnt it? ohh here I thought i would listen to it today T.T

  82. thx toooo

  83. Where is the BD Volume 3?

    • Released above. :)

  84. wow . . .
    so much Sword Art Online’s soundtrack . . .

  85. GOD!

    • Less than 1 month to go~! ^^~

  86. Frick me, am I seeing that OST a month ahead of release??

    • That’s just a notice when the OST will be releasing.
      It’s not release yet. ^^”

      • yah… I raged so hard when I just noticed that. TT

  87. thx for share … i hv 2 song ost SAO , innocence and overfly

  88. Can’t wait for Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.1!
    Every Yuki Kajiura fan should have a copy.

  89. Can’t wait for the Original Soundtrack Album >.<

  90. animeot the best good

  91. help to change the second Opening link as all files are downloaded in video format

    • …?
      As much as I know it’s in MP3 format.. ^^’

  92. What’s the song in episode 25 at the beginning ?

  93. There are no Links for “Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.1”.
    Just the three shortcuts “ZS PL SM”.

    • It only release on 23rd January, and it’s aren’t release yet.. Thus, there’s no link for it, yet. ^^”

  94. good

  95. Gracias por los aportes!!!!

  96. Can someone tell me the title of the first song in episode 13… Thanks :)

    • That would be Everyday Life

      • thanks a bunch :)

  97. Thx…

  98. Thx. I want game sao please

    • Wait till some geniuses build one with full dive online. If that really gonna happen, u ll be facing me as rival… :)

      • I’d love to spar with you, we’ll just have to wait with time until they create VRO. :)

  99. I would like to know to name of the song that plays around the end of ep 13, where the skull reaper cliffhanger moment happens. if anyone could let me know id be grateful.

  100. Thanks for this, much appreciated. Saludos desde algun lugar en Mexico.

    • By the way, can’t wait for Jan 23rd!!


    • Seconded the thought, really love the new avatar for Asuna san. Wish I see her in action again. And rapier still da best for her

  102. Im gonna ask every day now until i get the answer i desperately need what is the song played near the end of episode 13 when they encounter skull reaper?

    • and that answer is, wait till 23rd of January

  103. I like to watch Sword Art Online. Kirito’s sword is so cool. I want to buy one. Can you give me some advice?

  104. I was just curious to what exactly the Sword Art Online Radio CD Vol. 2 actually is?
    It doesn’t seem to be soundtracks from the look of the file itself and I’d rather not just download a 250 mb file.

  105. This anime is bad but the OST is good.
    Thank you.

    • because the one who compose this song is yuki kajiura…….and she can never be wrong :p

  106. Soooo…. till then, i ll eagerly wait for 23rd January….waku waku :)

  107. so much thx to you….so what 23 january ? I dunno anything….

  108. Could anyone tell me please what is that song in episode 18 (ep 18) that plays around middle when kirito and leafa go to the top of the tower?

    • i think that’ll be on ost album

  109. TOMORROW is a release date OST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALMOST!!!!!!!!!!

    • you can say that again. how have i waited for this xp

      • We’re all nervous! xD

        • today is 23 !!!! already

  110. It’s January 23 in Japan and every country in the GMT 8+ region :3


  112. Don’t worry guys. I’m working on the scans right now. The soundtrack should be up on animeost sometime today. I managed to get my copy this morning.

    • thanks a million

    • 7zip FLAC says is corrupted, also Data er5ror in archive 7zip says :-(

      • Its weird because I checked 7zip pack and everything is alright. Please try again

        • The 320k version is perfectly fine I still don’t have the 7zip FLAC but will tell as soon as I get it.

        • Finished DL. It’s great by the way. I’m having trouble playing it in Winamp but that could be because of file extensions, Windows Media Player plays them alright and pretty good too. Definitely worth it.

        • I dont undertand… how listen this songs?

          • Download K-lite codec package, it should support .Flac format, but anyway FLAC’s audio quality is lightyears better than Mp3 at 320kbps

          • I downloaded the files but i can’t play them.. WHYY!! I just want a link for the mp3! Please.

    • Alright, thanks a ton! Got the OST 320k version, still downloading FLAC version though. Will play it in a couple of minutes now, thanks again.

    • Thanks! Thanks! Thanks a lot! I’m going to tell everybody!

  113. WOOOOTTT!!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THIS!!! The wait was definitely worth it :D. Thank you thank you. AWESOME EPIC MUSIC.

  114. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Ty, ty ty tyt.
    Win my day, finaly the ost is here. ty great job.

    My months waithing for OST was worth it.
    MY Greatest thanks to you :D

  116. Well, the piano+cello OST from ep 24 where kirito and yui talk is missing from the OST. I’m so sad :'(

    • It looks the same for the one in ep 24 when Kirito gets stubed by Sugou :/

  117. Omfg. gotta wait for vol.2 then, which is releasing on April 24th. =___=”

  118. Thanks for the OST! And thanks to leatherhead too! Good job buddy!

  119. THANKS T.T

  120. Thanks a lot! I can’t stop listening to Swordland :)

  121. Thanks a lot! I’ve waited so long! Now… Finally… It’s MINE!!! Q-Q *happy*

  122. thanks a lot……..

  123. I’ve waited so long… and now
    my head is full of pictures of this great anime when listening to this…
    SAO FTW! <3


  125. Is this 33 of soundtracks include only first 14 Episodes ?

    that’s meaning it have Soundtrack of ALO left that not release yet

    I didn’t see the song when Kirito fall down into Forest in Episode 16

    • ALL of this is great music, the one I’m wanting is the track in Ep 22 where Leafa charges in to rescue Kirito…


  127. WOW SAO OST in FLAC format! many many thanks for this :3

  128. Thanks for the OST!! :)

  129. But is there going to be a score from the second part of the show? I mean, not all the songs are in the 4th volume.

    • Yes there will be a second album released on the 23rd of April

      • Thanks, but now I have to wait another 3 whole months before I can have a new eargasm

  130. Great, once again.

    So you have Sword Art Online Radio CD Vol.2 (a.k.a. Sword Art On Air 2) but are planning to get Sword Art Online Radio CD Vol.1 ? (a.k.a. Sword Art On Air 1)

  131. The links are not working for me.. it downloads but it doesn’t seem to open. :/ Help!!! I need this OST.

  132. Je n’arrive pas a téléchargé Art en ligne épée Original Soundtrack vol.1 qui a était mis le 23/01/2013

    • tu as choisi de le telecharger sur un torrent si non je te le conseil ca va plus vite et cest plus securitaire

  133. Thank you sooooo much! I love the all the songs! Do someone know if it’s going to be a season 3? GGO?

    • Well, I read somewhere there was gonna be a meeting about SAO and Accel World sometime in Feb, so that’s our best bet I guess.

  134. Hmmm the flac torrent for OST was .m4a… I know that might be Apple lossless but its not working properly on several of my players like WinAmp and windows media player doesnt allow me to skip/scan to different parts of the song and VLC cant play it right… the MP3 works fine though

  135. I could not find the music for the fight between Eugene and Kirito in episode 20, I thought that’s just the beginning music 21 – Close Battle
    Anyone know if this song has already launched?

  136. If anyone cares, I uploaded all the SAO OST to my YouTube channel, and I am currently in the process of uploading everything else.

    If you could give me a sub I would appreciate it! :D

    Thanks very much to AnimeOST for the uploads! <3

  137. Anyone knows which soundtrack was when Kirito took the knife and wanting to cut that asshole GM *Sugou* neck?

    • it would be on the vol 2 on april 24, 2013

  138. ありがとうございます!

  139. whoever upload the soundtrack, thank u so much <3

  140. Thank you very much for the soundtracks!

  141. Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu !!!!!!!!

  142. umm… I don’t mean to bother, but the “Original Soundtrack vol.1” FLAC is really in ALAC, which is still lossless, but uses a commercial codec.

  143. I’m looking for the song in episode 24, 1:32, the song is used also in other episodes, can I find it somewhere? It looks that the big release it’s only about SAO and not ALO

    • Yeah, the OST for ALO comes out in April.

  144. This is great! I would apriciated if someone knows the songs name when Kirito was fishing and started running away from the fish.

  145. Suggooooooooiiiiiiiiii!! Arygatou Guzaimashta

  146. I can’t open the 4 bounus disk can some one help me no matter what I try I can’t get the mp3s

  147. I want to ask..
    What name of song in Episode 24, Minute 16:36…
    Please Help me to find..

    • That song is not currently available anywhere, though I suspect that it will be in the vol 2 of the soundtrack when it comes out. The song im after is at 10:43, episode 24. that song was painful, yet epic

    • “The Tender Feeling”. It was included in the first OST anyway.

      • oh yeah. sorry about that.

  148. i want ALO ost >.<

  149. Thanks for all the uploads. However, I found that the tracks in Bonus CD 3 & 5 seem to be missing. Also track no. 3 from the FLAC download of ED 2 Full single. Hope you can help me with this. THANKS A LOT. Really enjoying the music so far.

  150. is link to Sword Art Online Radio CD Vol. 2 which is no direct link it shows as an error plz re upload or re-edit the links input as it does not have full direction address for the file in question.
    Thanks in advance.

  151. can anyone tell me, which the soundtrack in episode 14, minute 14:30? Onegai~

    • it is “At our parting piano only”

  152. Arigato Gozaimasu.

    #Kazetu Ariwara

  153. the Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.1 is not working!!!

    • Hi, I checked your message and SAO Vol.01 is working.

  154. cant download sao ost 2 o_o

    • Links ARENT Dead. There was server error…

  155. Has Bonus Disc 6 uploaded yet?

  156. Can’t wait any longer for Sword Art Online OST Vol.2

  157. can someone tell me which sound track was used in episode 17 at about 13min in please

    • i have check it, there’s no specific soundtrack like that on the first volume.
      maybe it’s listed on the second volume wich will be released on 24/04/2013. :D

      i hope you understand what i’ve said,sorry for my bad english.

    • The song you are looking for will be released in the ALO OST as ALO starts at episode 15.

  158. god still 17more days left for ost vol.2…….. (T^T)

  159. Can someone please tell me the ost in the beginning of ep 25.

  160. i know you get this many times from others as well, but, i cant DL the SAO OST#1

    i know that not your fualt since i have no clue about 7zip and Flac, i have tried may methods and this has still eluded me, any help will be appreciated.


    • and yes i have tried downloading it from all clients, i keep getting a blank file icon with my CPU saying it cant read the file and asks me to search online, to which i also get no results, once again…
      Any help is Appreciated.


      • Let me check that for you….
        Files working just try to download 7zip from
        an unpack ^^

        • Finally got it working, and as such, thank you Kururu…
          also Tomoyo Kyaaaa!

  161. when sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.2 will be released?? i cant wait

    • its almost late upload it admin please

      • eto…dont worry we have not forgotten about OST2

        • thank you Kururu

        • Thanks so much kururu :)

        • Can you give a bit of detail about what’s going on, I mean, will the OST be uploaded today or tomorrow?

  162. Maaan how much left for ALO ost ><" Can't wait !

    • Tell me about it! :D
      I’ve been refreshing the page like every 5 minutes.

      • Totally agreed.

  163. It’s out! Kirito’s CV is out in volume 8!!>u< But why does Lyfa have 2 CVs (one in vol 6 while the other is vol 8) while the others have only 1 each? T_T Unfair~~ I want more of Kirito!!

    • As I read “It’s out!!!” I was like : OMGWHERE. Then I was like : Oh. Still not.
      It’s 11.50pm here in Italy and I’m kinda staying awake just to wait for the next OST. You lied to me.

      • Deimos i agree with you i read too the it’s out and i was so happy then i was like this -.- not out yet here cyprus is 12:54Am and i am still waiting but i think i am going to check tomorrow again…

        • eto……..guys we dont told you “its out” or anything like that. We also didnt lie to us….just please be patience. We still waiting for fresh release of SOA OST Vol.02 just like you all here ^^”

          -You are NOT Alone in this waiting-

          • Well I am waiting patiently aswell and once it comes out the wait will be over for the grand finale of the great anime OST ~

  164. Waiting…….. Waiting……….. Waiting…………………………….
    Oh well i’ll watch Evangelion Q while waiting! hehe

    I can’t wait anymore.

  166. when will Sword Art Online Original Soundtrack vol.2 be released here? thank you.

    • was supposed to be released yesterday. Don’t know why it’s taking so long, OST1 came out the same day. We just have to wait and be patient.

      • Oh.. Okay then. Sorry for being impatient..

        • And thank you for the reply ^^.

        • Don’t worry dude, I know that feel.

  167. Vol.2 is nowhere to be found on the entire internet. I think I’m dying a bit inside :(

    • same here we have to wait and keep refreshing the site sometime the download links will pop up in the screen..

  168. I always check it from yesterday till now, i check it per 3 hour, and still….
    Yeah, what i can do is just waiting patiently.
    Don’t complain, just wait.

    • Same here Loliwolf, I check every time when I’m online!!

    • Ohayo Loliwolf ^^ thank you

      • You’re welcome Kururu-san.

  169. BTW, is anyone know, when OreImo Season 2 Original Soundtrack will come out in japan ?

  170. will you upload the ost if i donate few bucks??
    (T^T) i’ve been waiting for it since yesterday morning….

    • Please DON’T because OST was ordered some time ago and right now we just waiting for package

  171. Been keeping an eye on youtube to see if the ost will pop up there and I stumbled across this It isn’t much but if any of you need some kind of SAO OST 2 fix like myself, here ya go. If I had to guess, I think this might be track 7 or 9 from the new soundtrack.

  172. Hmm.. not out yet i hope tomorrow morning when i wake up the ost will be there ^^

  173. Late afternoon of day two, still no word on why it’s taking so long despite having at least some parts of the blu-ray release already ripped and uploaded. Ho-hum. Waiting patiently is a bore.

    • We know that but we still to wait for package…

      • Do not get me wrong, it is not that I am ungrateful to you for doing this (in fact I appreciate it), I would merely imagine that actions would be taken to ensure that the process is expedited. Though, I’m sure you’re at least doing something about it.

        I’m just grumpy and impatient.

        • Not everything works out the way you want it when you want it too even when you prepare properly. I know that because i’m the one responsible for getting the soundtrack and posting it here. I preordered it but there was a delay in my shipment so i won’t receive it till Monday most likely. It’s entirely possible it will show up before then but your best bet is just to wait. Not trying to be rude but people just need to learn to chill out. I mean the soundtracks here are provided free of charge so the fact people get so impatient when they aren’t even paying for anything upsets me a little. Will your life end if you don’t get this music as soon as it launches? No it won’t. Just saying. Again not trying to come off as rude.

          • Thanks for the ETA.
            I guess I was kind of impatient :)

          • It’s the same as anything. Slap a release date on something and people will want it on that day. If it doesn’t show up, people will be impatient, it doesn’t matter if they’re paying for it or not.

            Considering that, up until now, we had no information on when we’d get it other than a date that’s passed, it gets a little frustrating.

            I don’t think you have to worry about trying to come off as rude, you’re doing quite well.

  174. When ost 2 link is available ?

    • ETA is considered Monday, or if we’re lucky, before. Please read the comments and don’t ask the same question over and over.

      • I don’t want to read 350 comments.

  175. Hah,give up waiting,u guys will never get the link available

    • You go get the OST for yourself if you’re tired waiting.
      Read the comments for ETA and stop complaining.

      Regards – Complaints division.

      (Be damn patient, everyone is waiting like you are.)

    • So what are you doing here? We really don’t need another rage kid. Find some new website for your complains and get a better life.

  176. You guys should stop being so rude. They are paying it and providing us an album of something we’re getting for free. Either wait or shush. It has only been 2-3 days after the release, so just do something else instead of waiting. Life is not going to end.

    • Yes, That’s right

  177. Guys~
    Please, read the comment above before you comment something.
    The Staff still waiting for the package that they ordered.

    So just wait patiently, what you guys need to do is wait, and download it for free when it comes out.
    You guys don’t need to buy it, wait the package, and upload it when it arrives, but Staff do.

    So, stop whining around.

  178. I just finish listening the soundtrack 2…I believe there are a few songs missing? :/

    • original soundtrack volume 2 is not even out yet….

      • Umm i bought the blu ray and the ost was included. O.o

        • UPLOAD THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • haha no.

          • Ahahaha these people don’t all deserve it anyways the impatient bums. ^_^

    • Upload it pretty please!
      320kbps mp3 or FLAC would be awesome :)

  179. Yeh some people got it already and heard there are some songs missing still :L

    • do shipping companies deliver stuff on weekend?? i ordered vol.7 and dunno why it takes so long…. T^T

      • No they don’t some do on saturday

  180. Ok children listen up. The second OST will have it’s official release on the site this Monday around Noon CST most likely. So you are only going to be waiting 2 more days. So please just chill out until then. Thank you.

    • Yay! Thank you. :D

    • Thank you 2 days is nothing to me I’ll just work on my Sword Art Online poem I’ve been working on :)

    • Thanks! :)

      • @ DoingGodsWork
        Thank You!!!!! ^3^

  181. Who will waits for it ?


    • You can download the ost vol.2 from the link above.
      Press second button where it says 下载(90.77M)
      It’s 256kbps. If you’re some kind of autist and only listen to 320kbps then go ahead and wait.

      • Please note that isnt our official release.
        The second OST will have it’s official release on the site this Monday around Noon CST most likely.

  182. Could do without the insulting, and the reason for it being slow isn’t their fault as leatherhead333 said they are waiting for the post!

  183. I love you :)

  184. i have the soundtrack already uguu

  185. Y NO FLAC format?
    on Ost VOL.2 ?
    Please do so

  186. Y NO FLAC format?
    on Ost VOL.2 ?
    Please do so

  187. So So So thank you!
    It seemed that ost sound has been ruined.
    It sounds weird.

    P.S: I saw that torrent was in korean.
    Is is korean who uploaded the ost 2?

    • Yeah, I noticed that, too; it’s like the pitch is off, or something. Youtube has the whole set that doesn’t sound funny with a heading called ‘anime ver’, so I don’t know if it’s just this upload, or if the ones on Youtube were modified…

  188. Here you can listen to the new OST

  189. Lovin it! Thank you very much!

  190. YEAH!!!! Thank you guys!! ^_^
    It’s worth waiting!!! LOL

  191. thanks for uploading the ost. 本当にありがとうございました。

  192. Sword Art Online Bonus CD 5 and 6 have problem with downloading at both links

  193. thanks so much admin or staff
    I wanted and wait much longer ^_^
    I very like this ost

    something wish I Hope get this ost but
    survive the swordland and a new world of fairies

    please that can you ost without drummer version?
    if you will
    cause that sound make me happy tears

  194. @LordVanDoom
    thanks so much admin or staff
    I wanted and wait much longer ^_^
    I very like this ost

    something wish I Hope get this ost but
    survive the swordland and a new world of fairies

    please that can you ost without drummer version?
    if you will
    cause that sound make me happy tears

    I Love too
    I counting on you ^_^

  195. Can you release a torrent containing all of the OST’s, I have a lot of things to do and would like to be able to get the songs without the hassle of Direct downloading them, if you can I would be appreciative.

  196. Does anyone else think that a few of the songs sound a little… off? Like it’s slower, or it’s in a different pitch than it was in the show?

    • So, I just noticed that the Youtube versions of the songs are notably shorter, which implies that the tempo of the songs on the OST download have been slowed down.

      EX: Track 15 “Climbing Up The World Tree” is 2:12 in the DL of the OST provided here, but only 2:00 on the Youtube version of it.

      So, were the ‘anime ver’ songs on Youtube sped up, or was the OST ripped at a slower tempo?

      • you mean this channel right?

        • Yeah, that’s the one.

          As with most of the songs from the DL, the MP3 is 10 seconds longer than the video in the link you provided, so the pitch is way different from the version in the show.

          To double-check, I cued up the scene in episode 22 where Leafa rescues Kirito’s Remain Light for a comparison, and the YouTube video’s version is the right tempo, whereas the DL isn’t.

          • i think I will try to do it too because i dont like this cd with this speed so epicfail :c

          • I have the CD, and I can confirm the songs on it sound different than those videos. The uploader himself said he sped them up.

  197. i know it so do you how to sped up them (?) because i want to try it, i dont like this original from the cd (and sorry for my bad english) u,u

    • Use Audacity (

      Speed the file by 10% and it should sound like the anime version.

      • Tracks 1-5 and 27 don’t need to be sped up

        • did you do it with your version?

          • Yeap

  198. No links for the FLAC version of the second OST? :S
    Are they to follow in the future?

  199. Can’t wait for bonus dvd 8!!

  200. Arigato Gozaimatsu T.T

  201. thanks for the bonus 8 :)

  202. Cảm ơn về bài viết của bạn, nó rất hay và ý nghĩa. Mình đang cần nó

  203. gracias

  204. is there bonus cd vol. 7?

    • i am also wondering about that..

      • can anyone help me find the song that starts at 7:00 in sao episode 13 plz. right when kirito makes that funny face while fishing.

  205. Sword Art Online Bonus CD Vol.9 in 26/06/2010 ? Impossible no ?

  206. Thank you very much. ^0^

  207. Title: Sword Art Online ED Single

    all link downed.

    • Only the ZS one is down now.

  208. Thanks you so much.

  209. SAO lebih keren dri pada naruto (y)

  210. I’d like to know the title of the song that is playing in SAO episode 18, starting at 09:11. please reply, thankyou.

  211. Whats the ost in the begining of ep 25 “sword art online” please reply

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  216. If just i got a better internet – i can fill my entire field trip by listening to this ..but..Kuso wa!!

  217. Title: Sword Art Online ED Single – Yume Sekai

    All links are broken.

  218. Sword Art Online ED Single – Yume Sekai
    Human Beings Were Led to This Light

    All the links for these songs don’t work.


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