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IS-Infinite Stratos OST

IS-Infinite Stratos OST

bAFwU Title: Infinite Stratos – OP Single – Straight Jet
Type OST
: Anime
Artist(s): Kurubiyashi Minami
CD’s: 1
Number of songs: 4

Release Data: 26/01/2011



01 – First Addition 4:46
02 – First Addition (off vocal) 4:46
03 – Straight Jet 4:34
04 – Straight Jet (off vocal) 4:33

rl7Y2 Title: IS-Infinite Stratos ED Single
Type OST: Anime
Anime: IS-Infinite Stratos
Artist: Hikasa Youko, Yukana, Shimoda Asami,Hanazawa Kana & Inoue Marina
CD’s: 1
Number of songs: 4
Release Date


02 – Best Partner
04 – SUPER∞STREAM (Off Vocal)
05 – Best Partner (Off Vocal)


i2rhE Title: IS: Infinite Stratos – Original Soundtrack
Type OST: Anime
Artist(s):  Nanase Hikaru
CD’s:    2
Number of songs:    53
Release Data:    2011/4/6


Disc 1

01 The Battle of IS
02 IS Gakuen
03 Shinonono Houki
04 Cecilia Alcott
05 Huang Ling Yin
06 Charles Dunoa
07 Laura Bodewig
08 Orimura Ichika
09 Joshikou Noritte Yatsu ka
10 Kouki no Me
11 Joson Danpi
12 Operation IS
13 Are you all set?
14 Byakushiki
15 IS no Nazo
16 First Osananajimi
17 Second Osananajimi
18 Igirisu yori Ai wo Komete
19 Ichika wa Tennen?
20 Akarui Gakuen Seikatsu
21 Nande Konna Koto ni…
22 IS Jisshuu
23 Futari no Shokutaku
24 Tokubetsu na Kimochi
25 Char no Kako
26 France yori Ai wo Komete
27 hostility
28 VT System
29 Bousou
30 Doitsu yori Ai wo Komete
31 Tanoshii Tokkun
32 Rinkai Gakkou
33 Kyuusekkin
34 Ichika Soudatsusen!
35 Ichika no Kesshin
36 unknown
37 special mission
38 Shuugekisha
39 ShoushinDisc 2

01 Yukihira Nigata
02 Shiro Kishi
03 Setsura
04 Taiji
05 Akatsubaki
06 Fukuin
07 Reiraku Byakuya
08 Tatakau Riyuu
10 SUPER∞STREAM (#1 ver.)
11 SUPER∞STREAM (#2,3 ver.)
12 SUPER∞STREAM (#4,5 ver.)
13 SUPER∞STREAM (#6,7 ver.)
14 SUPER∞STREAM (#8~ ver.)

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  9. Good post.You did a fantastic work,and offer much effective imformation for us!Thank you!please

  10. I hope you upload the new OST for it :) will wait for it

  11. Hey there! Did you have the Infinite Stratos Original Soundtrack? Days has passed since its on sale date and sold out fast. Do you have one yet? We just want to listen some BGMs from IS! :-)

  12. Sure ^^ I would love to help u out

  13. you will upload it today kururu?

  14. Hi everyone,

    Just want to do some re-emphasis on Leopaul’s comment.. Does anyone actually have the Infinite Stratos Soundtrack they can upload? It’s been 7 days since it came out and I can’t buy it anywhere… hoping someone can actually help out… the 45 seconds preview of the songs from HMV doesn’t satisfy :P

    Many Thanks !

  15. Yeah, please upload the OST. I still can’t find it anywhere. T T

  16. @Kururu~

    If you have the Soundtrack, Please upload it!

  17. @Seraphnim
    I rly trying to get that ost :(
    can u share with me your e-mail? i will write u msg when i get that ost?

  18. @kururu

    You don’t really need it i think :) i check this page once every 4 hours ;)

    so when you post it on this site, I’ll be able to see!

    Forever supporting you!

  19. @Seraphnim
    Thank you for your kind words ^^
    And thanks for the fact that you are with us <3
    ~~~~you’re sweet

  20. 2 weeks has passed since the Infinite Stratos OST’s sale. Does anyone has that soundtrack? Please! I’m hurrying! \x _ x/

    I really really need that soundtrack. I can’t buy it on CDJapan because of the radiation issues! I’m scared to buy one! Please upload this freaking 2-disc original soundtrack based on IS!

  21. OMG its the 20th April in HK and STILL CAN’T FIND IT!!! argh! this is not cool :S just re-watched the series again.. and the MUSIC IS SO TEMPTING!!!!!!

    @kururu did you get my email?

  22. I don’t understand, how come no one uploaded the ost one the net untul now. I mean, the Blu-Ray, and the OP ED, only 1-2 days after the release date, many people have uploaded it on torrents and ddl. But that’s different with the ost :(

  23. DarkSlayer is right. How come no one has the Infinite Stratos Original Soundtrack to be uploaded to us? Weeks has passed and nobody wants to upload the Infinite Stratos OST! When will I find one? I can’t buy it on CDJapan because of radiation issues!

  24. I’m just doing a bit of research here at the moment.. It seems like the OST is a Japan version only??? so I’m assuming that the reason why we don’t have it on is because either their whole stock is radiated/lost in the disaster or its completely out of stock or no one is really bothered to buy it for some reason

  25. @ seraphim
    Yes, i have your @mail :)

    @DarkSlayer, Leopaul and Seraphim
    Guys i just speak with my friends from Japan and there is really hard to get these OSTs at the moment.
    The reason is a huge problem with transport :(

  26. Additionally, two powerful wholesalers were almost destroyed by earthquake :(:(:(

  27. This is the Infinite Stratos Original Soundtrack:

    It’s a two disc OST. 39 tracks on disc one and 14 tracks on disc two.

    The anime’s BGM were composed by Hikaru Nanase.

    Does anyone have this?!

    • Yeah Leopaul, this how look IS ost, at most informations from CD it was released at 6.04.2011 but it istn available-yet! Ost will be added as soon as possible

  28. oh dude, finally the mystery has been solved :) haha thanks everybody, thanks kururu! well, all we can do is just wait :( if you guys want to hear the samples, you could check

    anyway, nice upload on the character song cd.

  29. ok. this is starting to get slightly annoying… is anyone close to getting the soundtrack? theres nothing i can do here… :(

  30. Well, all we can do is just wait. Maybe, the worst possibility is, they’ll rerelease the ost when things have gone back to normal in Japan.

  31. things won’t go back to normal… Japanese Government claims to take 6 to 9 months “grasp the situation”… let alone “go back to normal”…

    Argh. Want it so bad :S

  32. Problem solved, here’s the link:

    We should thank someone behind this!

  33. yaaaaay! finally!!!!! :-)

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  42. What is the password of IS Infinite Stratos Original Soundtrack?

  43. Links are broken D:

    • Should be ok now :)

      • Thanks for all your work :D

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  45. The password doesn’t appear to be working.

  46. Download :D
    Thanks !!!!

  47. The composer really is brilliant, the pieces in the anime are absolutely wonderful and honestly made IS a lot more enjoyable to watch. Definitely made me a fan of the IS anime ,so thank you admin for the awesome uploads :D

  48. it says the archive structure is damaged, can you re-upload them on other mirrors or re-upload the files? thanks

    • agreed.

  49. Gracias por tan brillante aporte. Arigatou!!! [ ._.]

  50. good…thank ^^

  51. thank you

  52. There is a CRC error in the OP-Single… can you reupload it? Thanks, and thanks for your work!

  53. all links dead :(

  54. Yea, all links are dead, could you check? Thanks

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  56. Please reupload for infinite stratos 1 and 2 OST. The file does not exist anymore.
    Thank you :)

  57. Links are dead.A Re-Upload would be much appreciated.

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